Monday, May 16
Sevenoaks, UK

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Paddock Wood


Wilderpark Reserves

Sevenoaks League Division 4 7th October 2017 @ 14:00 Raley's Field

Paddock Wood started the game playing from right to left and as the first 5 minutes approached Wilderpark look set to dominate as a strong midfield and solid defence supplied endless amount of quality through balls to the Park front man and two wingers.

Park kept on breaking the Paddock Wood off side but failed to hit the net through good saves and miss kicked opportunities. As the first half progressed park were relentless and won the first of 4 penalty kicks unfortunately Paddock Woods keeper was equal to the kick and the game remained level. Not to be disheartened, Park finally found the net and sadly missed another penalty but bounced back in quick succession adding another 2 to go in at half time 3–0 up.

Wilderpark kicked off the second half and a positive start by Paddock Wood saw the game become close and fence with Paddock Wood netting 2 goals. For the next 25 minutes Wilderpark held there nerve and played some very good defensive football making the game turn and forcing yet another missed penalty.

Wilderpark carried on the 2nd half with playing the ball straight back to Paddock Wood inviting them to break down the Park midfield and defensive line causing gaps in the Paddock Wood midfield and Park were on the attack and for the forth time in the game the referee awarded Wilderpark a penalty. Calmly converted, Wilderpark had the breathing room they needed and saw the game out to the final whistle taking the tie and first 3 points of the season 4-2.

Congratulations all players and a well deserved 3 points

Paddock Wood 2 - 4 Wilderpark Reserves

  • Saturday 7 October 2017 @ 14:00
  • Sevenoaks League Division 4 
  • Raley's Field

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