Thursday, May 19
Sevenoaks, UK

Match Centre

Kingsdown Racers Reserves


Wilderpark Reserves

Sevenoaks League Division 4 21st October 2017 @ 14:00 Gamecock Meadow

Wilderpark kicked off and from the outset became pressured by a more determined Kingsdown Racers and with in 10 mins Wilderpark were 2-0 down and things became heated between the Wilderpark team, surprisingly Wilderpark scored and a glimmer of hope was among the Wilderpark team until Kingsdown restored there 2 goal lead and then added another to go in at half time 4-1 up.

Wilderpark started the second half as strong as they finished the first half and within 10 minutes levelled the game at 4-4 and the Kingsdown Racers didn’t know what hit them Wilderpark were a reformed team and where definitely the stronger of the two sides as the near end of the game approached kingsdown took the lead and a deflated Wilderpark saw out the game with a 5-4 defeat.

On another day the score line would have been different and it’s not to point to give individual blame it’s about the next game and how we bounce back from a silly defeat that will define us as a team .

Kingsdown Racers Reserves 5 - 4 Wilderpark Reserves

  • Saturday 21 October 2017 @ 14:00
  • Sevenoaks League Division 4 
  • Gamecock Meadow

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